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Friday, December 2, 2011

For you

Keep the flame of your longings awake,
in life a name for yourself please do make. 
Your sad face does not look good make it bright. 
bring a small smile, laughter in your life.

If this life had been happy always. 
I would have sought and obtained self blessings. 
We say all people are our kith and kin, 
but never ever does this happen. 

I want so much for you, 
to stop time if i had power to so do. 
Give all my dreams for you, 
if need be to give my life for you.  

Each second is beautiful for me today,
in my heart i see your face there only. 
Let the worldly wise think what they want I do not care,
not their company but I need your company and care.

Life is not in our hands,
we all know these facts.
If you cannot come at least promise to do so,
i will life my life waiting for you. 

I sneezed non stop just now,
it seems some one remembered me.
Tell me is it the truth or is it a dream ?
I feel that that you remembered me.

One day from this waiting i will get relief, 
my heart will swell up with eternal peace. 
I pass my days and nights in your memories, 
Are you also passing your time in my memories?


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