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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A caged bird's song for freedom

See the birds on the trees are free,
to leap and soar into the skies.
Bask in the glory of the sun,
or sit on logs floating downstream.
Bathe in the puddles formed by rain,
or in the dust to get rid of their back pain.
Sing from dawn to dusk,
eating grains and worms from the grass.

I am a bird kept in a cage,
hitting my head on the bars with rage.
Neither the sky to soar upwards to,
nor the treetops to hop and leap to.
Not to sing to my heart's content, 
or fly to where the rainbow ends.
Eating whatever is given to me,
even if it is disliked by me you see.

My foot is tied,
to the cage's side.
My cage is narrow,
movement is slow.
I dread my death 
in this prisoned place.
Before my time is up you see,
freedom for all is necessary.

The songs i tweet,
are painful indeed.
But on deaf ears they seem to fall,
no one yet heard my help calls.
I wish to fly away away and away,
someone kind my songs will sway.
opening my cage and setting me free from doom,
to live a life that's a God given boon.


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