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Saturday, October 22, 2011

To live in the now

We hanker for the past,
living in the present.
We worry for the future,
which is yet to come.
Why can't we live in the present?
everyone had a great past.

Building good our today now,
to ensure a happy future.
But still we worry, 
messing up our today.
For a eventual tomorrow,
that will arrive somehow. 

What ever happened,
happened for our good.
what ever is happening,
is happening for our good.
Whatever will happen,
will happens for our good.

So live for today in the now,
building a good base for tomorrow.
When tomorrow comes,
it will today become.
The rising sun to you is given,
a new day to build your day upon.

High blood pressure and tension will go away,
if you give up worrying for today.
Each today added will form a chain,
future entire will be happy without strain.
From your mind remove any negative thought,
do your duty with a compassionate heart.

renukakkar 21.10.2011

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