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Friday, October 21, 2011

Is it Diwali or Bankruptcy?

Here comes Diwali,
but my pockets are empty.

Inflation has caught us tightly,
and is at 9.72% definitely.

Petrol becomes dearer it is seen,
Rs 500  hardly lasts for a week even .

Gas cylinder's cost is also increasing,
Rs 400 it is now costing.

What to cook and what to eat,
petrol rate on things cause a cascading rate.

Same is for lighting and same is for fireworks,
how to buy sweets and dried fruits for self and guests.

In countries of even the third world,
the cost of petrol is half or even one third.

The Government is not for the poor but for the rich,
Bankrupt they are making us all but Diwali is for the few rich. 

renukakkar 19.10.2011

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