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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My guardian Angle

When I feel  lonely and sad, 
like everyone feels sometimes.
When there no one around, 
from within me I hear chimes.

I turn my thoughts inward,
searching deep within my heart.
A voice of an Angel is heard,
telling me that we are not apart.

A smile lights up my face,
and I feel the sun shining again.
I hear a soft and sweet voice,
telling me that everything is fine.

We seem to be alone, it is true,
but I never feel alone at all.
Whenever I am sad and blue
all I do I to give my Angel a call.

My Angel I have yet to see,
as I only hear its voice.
I do not know if it is male or female,
as I have yet to see its face.

An Angel’s love is there forever,
this Angel of mine is really grand.
Giving sound advice whenever,
I need it like a friend.

renukakkar 12.11.2011

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