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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Plight of a child

No one cares for my flowing tears
My young age and so called near and dears.
A horrible pain is within my soul
I sleep slowly as a curled up ball.

The sounds of falling I can still hear
I try to forget by closing my ears.
Screams of my mother are very loud
in fear I start to hear my heart pound.

I wish I could escape the constant fighting
Mother’s shouts and father’s striking.
A girl of 6 what can I do
My father a drunkard I hate him true.

My mother gets bruises all over her body
My father hits out with whatever is handy.
If I come in between even I get blows
and get covered in all sorts of sores.

My father shows no regret for his action
Mother will forgive him like a good lady Indian
Mother is a good woman and so am I
Against women his attitude is a crime.

My childhood is being lost indeed
An abusive Daddy and a mother suppressed.
Why can’t she get up and leave him?
Does she not think my future is maimed?

An insecure childhood and an insecure future
What do I look forward to in a future stranger.
My insecurities of now will increase later
At this age I can only sit down in fear and ponder.

A carefree and happy life is all that I ask
A secure future for me God do cast.
A child being brought up to accept abuse
Indeed a thought forever depressive.

A child is innocent and molds any old how
it’s childhood should be happy as of now.
If you as parents are abusive and indifferent to it
Then as father and mother you have crippled it.

Take note abusive fathers and abused mothers
the fault lies squarely on your shoulders.
For the sake of you smiling innocent children
don’t destroy their future generation.


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