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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are we alone ?

Stars shining in the sky
disperse darkness entirely.

A man tired and defeat 
many give a helping hand indeed. 

The sun moves alone across the sky 
but planets give it company. 

A lone wick of the lamp spreads light 
darkness below it gives it might. 
Every flower  looks a singlet 
placed in a pretty bouquet.

But on a closer look is seen
many flowers a bouquet contains.

We do not walk alone they say
angels are with us always.

It is a different matter though
they come forth when requested to show.

Why do we think  we stand
entirely alone and dejected.

Sometime God is seen
a helping hand to angels is given.

Why is mankind afraid
of being alone and frail..

Life means to come and go
festivity of life goes on

renukakkar 28.8.2011

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