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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Remembering teachers

My childhood days I sometimes remember
those classrooms, staff room and the principal’s chamber.
It was so much fun to go to School daily
no tension in life but to play and study.
College was not bad but some responsibility
we had to do our own study.
No notes by teachers in college were given
compulsory to attend were lecture at 75% minimum.
Kids feel being grown up is more important
and passing out from school to become collegiate
As adults priorities change even further
the school fun and frolic become a back bencher.
My memories go to teachers dedicated
who were more concerned about children’s studies.
Extra classes they held for weak students
to ensure that in exams they stood fair chances.
Taught sometimes through story telling
many chapters they were explaining.
One physics teacher opened his car even
to explain the working of four stroke engine.
A biology teacher brought the whole class to our home
to show the sensitive plant in reality grown.
A geography teacher took us on an excursion
to see different types of huge rocks in their environment.
It is said that memories fade with time
recollecting incidents is sometimes not very fine.
But the memories of school and college I attended
and the teachers who taught me will never get faded.
I remember my teachers for all that they taught me
self confidence and the art of inquiry.
Teachers’ day comes around on 5th September i.e. today
I pay homage to my teachers of school and college today.
renukakkar 5.9.2011

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