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Friday, August 19, 2011

Life a strange riddle

 Life is indeed a strange riddle
difficult to understand even a little.
Without asking you get what you don't want
but you never get what you really want.

If we pray for the good of all
then God grants his goodwill.
Everything is in his hands
He corrects wrong timing and directions. 

Without his consent not a leaf  dare to move  
thinking big we fail to set in order homes or nations. 
Little things we make into issues serious 
Some people even dare to thing they are our masters.

Kalyug is the materialistic era of today
Full of false pride, lies and deceit is mankind today.
Thinking and holding others in contempt
Some thinking God to be their equal in all respect. 

Good thoughts of mankind determines his successful rise
Avoidance of greed and arrogance gives him a meaningful life.
Such persons live their lives as examples for others
such people's destiny comprises nothing but trials after trials. 

renukakkar 16.8.2011


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