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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring is in the air

Gloomy grey skies turn to a calmer blue, 
snow disappears from ground giving a clue.
Winter is going soon this fact  is conveyed.
we should welcome spring that is definite.

Chirping of the birds is heard everywhere
flowers disperse their fragrance in the air.
My bad mood lifts and now I want to sing,
at long last around the corner is spring. 

Flower buds are coming everywhere
pink and white buds on trees are here.
The entire atmosphere is awakening,
putting away the white quilt is was wearing.

Grasses and trees are also becoming green,
brown grass of winter is not to be seen.
Like the entire environment is waking up,
we should throw sad thoughts and get up.

We all rejoice seeing spring’s great delight,
Forgiving and forgetting those with behavior slight. 
As our minds and our bodies completely revive, 
every spring makes us glad we’re still alive.

renukakkar 1.2.2012

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  1. beautiful poem as well as spring.thanks renu ji to access my blog and praise my poetry.I'll keep in touch.