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Monday, January 30, 2012

Seasons and life

Spring time see flowers bloom,
spreading fragrance and delight.
To wilt and die after some time,
merging with the earth without a sigh.

Different blossoms summer brings,
ones withstanding adverse conditions.
like the beads strung  in a string, 
wilting and dying as per their traditions.  

The rains come mostly as the monsoon,
bringing all around lush green development.
Nature cleans all with its mops and broom,
overflowing rivers and new streams movement.  

Autumn time brings falling leaves,
swept and gathered together in piles.
flames engulf them helped by breeze,
turning them all into fine ashes

Winter month makes all trees bare,
still some are green with needle leaves.
Giving us the loving Christmas trees,
and some pine cones as dried fruit bearers.

Like nature and its served wear,
we should change our attitude. 
Burn the past embracing the future,
spread love compassion and gratitude.


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