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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I like you a lot

There is something I have to tell you, 
for a minute if you listen I shall tell you. 
You seem to be like me it is true, 
that is why I like you. 

Whenever you come to meet me, 
thoughtful and quiet you seem to be. 
You talk to me as if you are slightly crazy, 
that is why I like you, you see. 

You come to see me in peak summer hours, 
smiling to yourself thinking something about us. 
You seem to be shy like me perhaps, 
that is why i like you, you I trust. 

Perhaps you are apprehensive of what I might say, 
may be thats the reason of talking and stopping mid way. 
the truth I must tell you today, 
that is why I like you a lot, I have to say. 

renukakkar 6.4.2011 


  1. nice poem.
    i must say it is a poem by a heart.

  2. Hey!
    Nice set of poetry out here....
    A pleasure to read.