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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A warning by Mother Earth

To our environment we are interlinked,
through food chain to mother earth and beyond.
Exploiting nature and not putting back,
depleted earth has paid us back.

With more vengeance we see nature's wraith,
Earthquakes and Tsunami and flash floods cometh.
A glimpse of the future we are shown,
to make amends is a chance given.

All pay Mother Earth  a lip service,
driven by greed we take from her resources.
Tampering earth in this part of the world,
a resounding slap is given  by her around the globe.

Our flora and fauna  have been  exploited,
advancing deserts  have been  created.
A hole in the ozone layer pollution has made,
the greed of the rich nations when will it fade.

The third world cries for  payment by polluters, 
the maximum noise is made by exploiters.
How long will they be safe from natures fury,
Global warming and flash floods are occurring surely.

Nuclear disasters are new additions,
maiming, mutilating coming generations.
Not only in war but due to calamities,
these accidents occur now in regularities.

Stop mutilating the earth please do, 
a warning that it will come back to pay you.
Let us amend our ways of living to be true,
and observe environment conservation for sure.

Reflect to 1973 the first environment days celebrations,
and subsequent ones where all nations made various slogans.
We need to abide and preserve for our future generations
they will not forgive us for our lackadaisical  commitments.
renukakkar  17.3.2011