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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A catastrophe in Japan

Nature again shows its anger,
making the entire world tremble.
Throwing out the ocean in anger,
covering its path islands and islanders.

Waves as high as a tallest building,
cars and houses in its sway it is carrying.
A catastrophe for a small nation,
fires and blasts are the culmination.

We as humans can only stand and watch,
offering prayers for those caught in the aftermath.
Governments move to give help in cash and kind,
the nuclear dust floating around the world they mind.

All awaken to the terror of the nature's fury,
realizing that we are but like leaves very puny.
My heart filled prayers go to those facing the onslaught,
a second disaster for them after the nuclear holocaust.

renukakkar 15.3.2011

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