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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Star and the Sunflower

Hey you up there shining so bright,
How you light up the darkness of the night.
Along with your sister companions,
To lost strangers you show directions.

How can you do that I wonder?
So tiny you are and coming from yonder.
I move with the sun as its follower,
you see I am just a sunflower.

Your light comes from another world,
like the twinkling of the sun in the waterworld.
You remain hidden during the day,
but come out at night to play.

I wish I could be like you,
tied to earth I am it is true.
Like you I would love to be free,
to travel afar and useful to be.

Why do I lament, I am a beautiful flower,
the sun's image within I have acquired.
The star you see above in the night skies,
is a sun of another world like mine.

The star on its own cannot give much light,
all stars combine to shine their light with might.
You are a compound of flowers gathered,
teaching people to live together.

Your  each part has uses of beauty & oils.
after your death compose you provide.
Till your end each part is useful of yours,
like each good individual makes a nation good and pure.

We should realise like the sunflower
and not underestimate our power.
We each as individuals have potential,
but when together we are invincible.

renukakkar 22.2.2011

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