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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A memory of childhood

I remember vividly my childhood days,
how I enjoying the two months summer vacations days.
To escape the scorching heat we'd pack our stuff,
from delhi and bombay we'd catch the plane, train and bus.

Tired and wilted into the cool valley we arrived,
there in the hillside my paternal grand parents lived.
Water there like bottled water from the fridge's snow,
all around us natural clean air would blow.

We would play all day without any restrictions,
kanalpathari or to baghsu we would go with aspiration.
Programmes for pic-nic we would make and set off on foot,
the flowing water was blocked with a slate for mangoes to cool..

Our bedding would be in the courtyard of grandparents house,
the cool breeze would provide a mother's lap and the stars showering guiding from above.
Grandmother would tell strange stories,
of fairies and u.f.o's would be these stories.

Now there is no grandfather or grandmother and we grow old too,
but even now I go to those cool vallies.
My children accompany me during their excurtations,
I take them along with me to their maternal grandmothers residence.
renukakkar 26,02.2011


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