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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I have been here before

Sometimes I feel I have been here before,
but when and how i just can not remember.
Is it an emotion rising from the heart's core,
or a dream sequence which one sees in slumber.

Perhaps it is a premonition of things to come,
of the visions I see coming in pieces.
Perhaps giving warnings of tragic fearsome,
which may adversely effect my mental peace.  

Perhaps the intuitions are of happy times to come,
the visuals that I see fleeting before my eyes.
Telling me that life is not yet done,
Do I wait for the dream sequence to becomes a reality.

I know you as if from a distant dream land,
we have been close my heart proclaims.
How long ago was this I cannot understand,
a veil falls when I search within my heart and soul.

As I search within for an answer,
no reply is forthcoming as is expected.
Future events are meant not to be clear,
only when time comes are events revealed.

renukakkar 19.1.2012

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