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Friday, December 16, 2011

Brides and bridegrooms

So many expectant bridegrooms, looking for brides,
so many suitors, as if waiting at the aisle.
Will they all find girls of their dreams, I ponder?
The girls are thoughtful and also in wonder.
Marriage is a risk that is taken by all
Will their expectations culminate into exes and naught?

Most men look for moneyed females,
a lazy life to help them financially pass. 
These days who sees character, talent or looks,
Money is the criteria which hides all blotches.
The girls not so moneyed are left high and dry,
No suitors for them and another year passes them by.

But what is this I see in a poor cottage there?
Stands a man on the carpet threadbare. 
A man of character he surely is, 
Possessing a serene face sans any airs.
A light of love shines around him, 
As he kneels before the love of his dream.

She and he are lucky to have found each other,
Compatibility and love are commodities that are rare.
True love is an emotion that lasts a lifetime,
Provided it is nurtured with care and kind.
May we all find life partners that are so loving,
Life will become a dreamboat of understanding.

renukakkar 15.12.2011

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