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Monday, November 14, 2011

Strangers come into our lives after winning our trust

Strangers come into our lives after winning our trust,
to occupy in our dreams places that are prominent.
We trust and believe them to be our own,
but by breaking that trust they vanish into the unknown.

Spring comes and leaves us after a while,
in bad times  many friends also leave with a smile.
To whom can we complain about this,
as soon as day breaks even the stars leave us.

The shade of trees provide relief from the scorching sun,
but some trees cannot even provide shade in the afternoon.
During the peak summer hours some shady trees betray us,
so why should we lament when people behave thus?

Coming and going are the norms of the world in which we live,
seasons, scenes, nature and people are time bound to leave.
The sooner we understand that life deceives, 
we will not lament if someone dear leaves.

renukakkar 15.11.2011


  1. yes this the fact of life after sometime your own shadow leave you.even you are not far away from this bitter truth.....very nice poetry.