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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The strange train journey

Many people boarded the train
our journey had just begun.
In a coach there were 4 of us
5th passenger joined and someone else.

We all wore clothes that were in fashion
his clothes resembled some other nation.
He seemed to be a formidable chap
and we could just listen to his crap.

He carried a pack of cards with him
our future on cards he would be telling
He had tarot cards you see
we were all scared of our future to be.

One by one our cards he displayed
interpreted and then predicted.
The future of all of us was not too good
soon an altercation ensured.

All with ego issues making points
those not listening were given strikes.
Soon there was firing
4 of them lay on the ground dying.

I being the only one left out of this bloodbath
looked at the strangely dressed man and this aftermath.
Do not be scared my child, said he
Get down at the next station whatever it be.

This train is not meant for you yet
by mistaken you have me somehow met.
The bad and ugly souls I come to take away
train journey never stops even for a day.

Heaven is on earth and so is hell
they go through this daily ordeal.
It was something they did long ago
but in their minds they are yet to know.

Station comes my child now your things you gather.
try to forget this incident for ever.
On the path of righteousness if you remain
your journey will never be on this unending train.  


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