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Friday, October 28, 2011

A different type of homework

Being a science student I attended cookery class for only one term (3 months) in Class 8th...This poem is a small contribution for the Cookery Class when we had to make Cookies at home and take them to school for checking/inspection :) I have tried to make it a funny poem :)

I was given homework to do,
a good presentation I made.
Next day I showed it too,
all my friends really admired.

My teacher came to inspect,
surprisingly she sniffed it like a puppy.
then she took a small bit,
chewing it and looked happy.

She took another bigger piece,
munching away and smiling.
I watched not feeling nice,
seeing my homework disappearing.

Soon she had finished it all,
I stood with my mouth agape.
My homework seems to be vitamins full,
that a teacher ate it with a burp?

Normal is marking of assignment to make you pass,
What of tasting and then eating your homework ?
Your marking is done like this in class !
in cookery class the teacher eats your work. :) 

renukakkar 28.10.2011

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