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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changing faces of Indian womanhood

What is so special about an Indian woman
she gives an aura of no nonsense.
Draped in a sari or any Indian dress
for her family love and care she spreads.

The uses are many of the  Indian dress or a sari
behind the chunni or pallu, children hide who are shy.
The chuni or pallu is used to wipe a crying child's face
or cover a baby while carrying it outside.

Red vermilion on forehead and in hair partition
a nose pin and a necklace of black beads in a golden chain.
Her status of being married is so indicated
something not to be taken for granted.

Where ever she is, she toils from dawn to dusk
in the kitchen or the farm or her place of work.
Never complaining about her double shift
ensurea family and children don't face neglect.

An Indian woman will avoid a divorce
in case it will mar her child's growth.
Her unhappiness she does not project
the family comes first in all respect.

But things in 21 century are changing at a fast pace
Modern Indian women have adopted western mannerism and dress.
Lifestyles are also changing beyond recognition
not mother but maid is looking after children.

What obsession with the modern concept of living
unknowing that materialist societies to family values are returning.
how long can materialism sustain family ties
one day the dawn will break and people realize.

There are good and bad habits in all regions of the world
adoption of habits is good if sagaciously done.
One should discard everything which is harmful
even from own customs and adopt from anywhere which is helpful.
 renukakkar 19.9.2011

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