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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day 22 4.2011

Listen to the rhythm of the rain falling,
as it falls on the roof above.
And listen to the birds singing,
as they wake you in the morning to move.

Listen to the rhythm the wind makes,
as it blows through the grass and leaves.
And listen to your inner voice that talks,
telling you to rise like the sun and believe.

Listen to the rhythm of the ocean playing,
as it drums against all the shores.
As the sea shell for you is singing,
the song of the sea as to your ear you hold.

Listen to all these rhythms and see,
animals on land and seas play in harmony.
Without these animals what life would be,
devoid of music lives would be empty.

Listen to each one playing in a band,
Each has a piece of a lovely tune to play,
As all players are needed on hand
we also play a role in nature's plan

By cherishing every living thing on earth
We are in tune with Mother Nature
After all we are a part of nature's wealth
indirectly linked to each other.

renukakkar 22.4.2011

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